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Whether you were a soccer fan or not, few things felt as good this year as cheering the US women's World Cup soccer team on to victory. People became huge fans of the team members — particularly the captain, Megan Rapinoe. It broke records, challenged critics, made history, and became a favorite of kids and adults alike. With politics feeling pretty bleak, people memed her as their crystal-clutching, moon-worshipping, chardonnay-sipping sorceress queen. Are you in the right headspace to read about this meme?

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We got a whole new youth subculture this year thanks to VSCO girls.

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It became an instant classic of sports photography, and it became an incredibly victorious meme. It went viral, and they got massively roasted, with many people characterizing them as racist, anti-gay, Trump supporters who would want to speak to your manager. The concept was best explained by Ms. He was, of course, inducted into the Wife Guy hall of fame.

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