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Real talk: Trim your nails and take off your nail polish. The person being fisted should always be able to feel everything so they can stop play if something becomes uncomfortable, so skip these gels for sure. So the idea of a woman penetrating another woman with her hand is often lost on mainstream media all together. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. But what do you do instead? Using lots of lube, going slowly during sex, and drinking lots of water after always helps to alleviate the discomfort, but it can still happen.

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If your partner has a latex allergy, go with a non-latex material.

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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Fisting

Basically, wearing the mitt is an added safety measure and reduces the risk of accidentally scratching your partner internally and also makes lubricant last longer. Real talk: Trim your nails and take off your nail polish. But what do you do instead? This is definitely not a sex act where you want to rush foreplay, so take your time and use smaller toys or even just a few fingers to get them wet and aroused.

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  1. She looks thinner too so that's why, probably.