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Pregnancy and Postpartum Farts Fact: A pregnant woman is a farting woman. They say you fart what you eat, and women eat two things more than men: yogurt and salads. Take maybe your worst hot-wings-and-jalapeno man fart, wrap it in a burrito and multiply it times dry ice. My postpartum fart was literally a clap. While this sounds more sophisticated, it is still inaccurate.

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Man chokes girlfriend after she claimed his fart smelled horrible, police say

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Taken together, women outpace men this crucial category.

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We should be compensated for what amounts to reverse pollution. Mainly because for the period I enjoyed it, no one ever knew at first, or more importantly, for sure, that it was even a fart to begin with. To be fair, though, the postpartum clap was my favorite fart.

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  1. I feel sorry for the camera person who can't join in.