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In the Discworld novel Jingo the evil head of a Klatchian Faux-Arabic army has been told the opposing Ankh-Morporkian forces are confidant of success despite being outnumbered and untrained as they believe the Klatchians will run as soon as they taste some cold steel. Dracula laps up the blood in a move that reads like a desperate junkie. The girl is a bit batshit insane in this particular arc. Cut to a police officer approaching the two boys, preparing to arrest them. In Change , after Hibiki fends away a potential rapist with a single kick , there is a scene where he plans a revenge while recovering from the injuries. Guitar, the swordsman general of the Mazoku in Violinist of Hameln does this from time to time.

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The one doing the licking isn't necessarily evil or rather, more accurately, isn't always a story's antagonist.

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Licking the Blade

Orochimaru licks his own blood off a kunai after stabbing himself in the palm with it at one point, before his fight with Sarutobi. In Firefly , Jayne annoys other crew members by doing this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Heroes for Hire Tarantula licks her blades after one battle.

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