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Freeze-Frame Bonus : At the end of every episode in the anime, a set of descriptions for subspecies of creatures representing the main heroines is displayed. Mars Needs Women : Gender-flipped. And then of course, Suu and Kii take it Up to Eleven with their ability to reach Kaiju proportions and the bust sizes to match Bowdlerise : In the digital version, a scene with Cathyl was censored. The associated rising food expenses versus a constant income, on the other hand, comes to a head in Chapter When it comes to talking about carnal matters, it seems satyrs as a whole aren't big on the whole 'tact' thing.

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Dark Half-Horse Victory

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Despite their size and strength, they're very laid back and not aggressive.

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Mushroom Samba : In Chapter 45, when Kimihito and Centorea get home, they find that the interior of the house has somehow turned into a giant dungeon, Papi is now a tiny fairy-harpy, and Suu is a giant monster slime. Since Kimihito has genuine romantic feelings for Miia, it does nothing to him. The exchange program's been a "huge success", various extraspecies have been able to integrate well with human society, and it didn't really change the world much. Bringing Miia to live with him by accident, dumping more exchange students on him without consent, and turning him into a guinea pig for inter-species marriage.

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