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Top Review: "Finally a pair of underwear I can wear without riding up. Material is smooth, soft, stretchy and best of all stays in place. Top Review: "So soft, breathable and they keep their shape all over. These are really comfortable and soft. Fabric lies flat and when it did roll once I couldn't feel it. We found the best pairs with the highest reviews on Nordstrom, Amazon, and more to help you avoid VPL from killing any of your future looks.

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Celebs in Undies: Stars Who Flaunt What Their Mamas Gave Them in Lingerie

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Next, 10 times celebrities convincingly wore a bra as a shirt.

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‘I pay my bills by selling my used panties’

No rolling edges, no glaring or uncomfortable seams. They are so comfortable and they fit great! Top Review: "Wearing these is like not wearing underwear at all.

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