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Overall, it is an idiotic, shitty website that is now virus infested, so you can go see how much these teenage losers hate Christianity, brown people, and all those furfags. No internet culture can have a forum, imageboard , or website without one or more of these guys complegtely losing it all over and start meaningless, whiney complaints all over the fandom or interest of others. Encyclopedia Dramatica unknown. I don't like this person so I better make an article about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica for being such a fag! The playground of twisted minds with no auto-censoreship. They all claim what they all bitch about is all is so horrible that they have no choice but to watch it all and then go bat shit when something doesn't quite tickle the log shoved firmly up their clenched asses.

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Not a single one will tell you, but they are all the weeaboos, furries, emos, and gangstas they all flame and burn.

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If the trolled person happens to be a woman, you're also an anti-lulzy White Knight because they're all 'asking for it'. A wiki-based collaborative site humour cataloguing internet culture , memes and internet drama , especially relating to livejournal, 4chan, wikipedia and troll activites lampooning virtually all popular subcultures taking a crude and ill-restrained approach. The playground of twisted minds with no auto-censoreship.

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  1. Being 'american' means nothing, get your shit right