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Fast forward to , and along with the marching band were funny men George Burns and Mickey Rooney. Wichita pastor, Chiefs fan who predicted win, dies while in Miami for Super Bowl. How many crotch-grabbing scenes have they witnessed over the years? Fashion World gives back to Planned Parenthood. I had to send mine out of the room as soon as Jennifer Lopez took the stage in what looked like a two-sided thong and buttless chaps.

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Why are we so shocked by the latest sexually charged halftime show?

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And they may be involved in many good and noble causes.

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Teacher allegedly called out cheerleaders who ‘showed a lot of vagina’

This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. But that makes the performance all the more outrageous. And JLo even brought her year-old daughter on stage to perform with her.

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