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Plus, your hands are percent free to do as they please—whether it's show your clit some love or get fun and handsy with your partner. Why it's great: This classic woman-on-top position puts you in total control. Plus, your hands are both free for some sexy stroking. Think of your partner's pelvis as a masturbatory tool, something to rub and stimulate your clitoris with and against. How to: Have your partner lie down, flat on his back. How to: Place pillows behind your partner's back and have him sit on the bed with legs outstretched.

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16 Woman-On Top Sex Positions For When You Want To Take Control

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Just by pressing on the balls of your feet and releasing, you can raise and lower yourself as slowly or as quickly as you please.

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How to: This position is just like cowgirl, but with a slight twist. Hold the knee and use it for support. How to: Your partner sits with his legs straight and you sit on top with bent knees, and then you both lean back.

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