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He was astounded, and almost speechless. After about ten seconds he broke the silence with, "Well, I have suspected that somewhat; I have seen you looking a bit more than most at the men by the pool as well as women You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address. Not only are you smart, you've got a great body, tan, smooth, almost hairless. Besides, you've got a great body and I've always he-hmm wanted to see what's under those shorts of yours. It was time to make my friend come like he hadn't before.

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Damn, I wish my wife were home - she could really give a blowjob, guess I'll have to yank it another night till she comes back.

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I could give you that, if no more. What kind of Romantic Relationship is right for you? Jim snapped back at my statement, "But I'm not gay or any of the sort.

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