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There is a fifth one, the DJ vehicle seemingly known as the Octobot King, which is piloted by DJ Octavio; information about it can be found under his tab. Giant Mook : Cohocks are the biggest of the lesser Salmonids. Alternative Title s : Splatoon 2. A cat who oversees Turf Wars and announces the winners. Annie is a timid sea anemone while Moe is a loudmouthed clownfish who lives in her "hair".

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The Playable Characters

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The Sting Ray and the Grizzco Slosher can pierce this armor when used, while the Explosher is the only main weapon that can damage a Flyfish's missile pods.

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Marina : Yeah, especially because we worked a Salmon Run shift instead of rehearsing! Marina: I knew you grew up rich, but geez! Goldies Elite Mook : To the lesser Salmonid enemies.

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