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She hadn't submitted the video herself; she'd sent it to someone, and the third party uploaded it without her permission. The proprietor of this funhouse is a New Yorker named Lee O'Denat, though he prefers to be known only by the initial "Q". That line is shamelessly cribbed from Chuck D of Public Enemy, but then again, Q exhibits a permissive approach to reproducing others' material that would make even Arianna Huffington balk. Perhaps you remember the full-frontal photograph of Chris Brown, which they published with over a dozen World Star watermarks? Not long ago, the knock against modern urban life was that it isolated people, and that in the face of violence we turned away.

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As he lies on the floor, you hear the bystanders cackle — and one voice offscreen shouts, "It's over!

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World Star Hip-hop: making a bankable brand out of brutality

There was no thought on that Cleveland bus of stopping the altercation; people were too busy filming! The site likes to reproduce local news broadcasts featuring murder or arson, viral comedy videos or sports highlights — but it sucks them into its awful proprietary video player, with no link and no credit. Major stars like Nas and P Diddy now leak their material to World Star, while those desperate to break into music stardom pay a grand or so — sometimes via Paypal, sometimes in cash — to have their usually terrible videos promoted.

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