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Q Anonymous asked: What if I stick a pencil up my vagina the eraser side, not as far as the point? The glaze used is food safe, so I'm assuming it's vagina safe too? A Material-wise, it should be safe. Blood is at best no better than water, and quickly turns outright sticky. Q Anonymous asked: So I've procured some needles. If you MUST reuse the needles, soak them in household bleach, preferably using a syringe to draw the bleach through them leave it inside them for at least 30 seconds , and then rinse them with water.

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Q Anonymous asked: Peeing during masturbation and foreplay.

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Or is there an issue I'm not thinking of, and I should get new ones between play sessions? Check your pencil carefully for these edges, and make sure both the eraser and metal bit are well attached. Q Anonymous asked: So I've procured some needles. Observer theme by Zack Sultan.

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