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Most committed, monogamous relationships are good for a week or six months, or if you're really lucky six years. I use explicit language in the book, in a literary context, but using that language out of context can be disheartening to me. But no, there was absolutely zero shit factor. By the end of the book, A-Man is history, and leveled Bentley is left to sort out her altered body, desires and devotions. I started reading about it But there was zero bad about it.

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Rectal romance

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She knew George Balanchine and co-wrote Suzanne Farrell's autobiography, and she can delicately describe the agony of toeshoes and the psychological rigors of the barre.

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She then sits back and luxuriates in her chronicle of her post-marriage sexual experimentation. You write about moving through pain to pleasure. I didn't want the same kind of heartbreak again.

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