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In conclusion, the paper argues that such developments can be used heuristically to inform the critical reflexiveness of future research in the area. Swinging involves consensual mutual involvement in extra-dyadic sex. For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. The terms MSM men who have sex with men and WSW women who have sex with women have been used with increasing frequency in the public health literature to examine sexual orientation disparities in sexual health. These categories, however, do not allow researchers to examine potential differences in sexually transmitted infection STI risk by sexual orientation identity. Where institutions allocate resources and establish hierarchies of authority, infrastructures produce capacities and shape encounters in ways that become more or less durable and hardwired into the routines of everyday life.

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‘Dogging Men’: Car Parks, Masculinity and Anonymous Sex

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While some consider polyamory to be nothing more than a convenient label for their current relationship constellations or a handy tool for communicating their willingness to enter more than one relationship at a time, others claim it as one of their core identities.

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Rather than seeking to eliminate jealousy, swingers may manage their feelings of jealousy in order to increase sexual excitement and arousal. One-hundred-and-thirty-four individuals engaging in cottaging returned postal questionnaires. Cottagers reported that cottaging was one way of meeting partners amongst a range of others they used.

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